About Krish Movies

Krish Movies is a place where we respect creativity and let it breath in the free air. Our philosophy for Cinema can be explained in three words  passion, Love and passion again. We as a company are highly motivated and skilled to achieve our creative satisfaction.

Krish movies is led by Mr. Rajesh Kumar Jain, a well known handy craft exporter and a passionate Cinema Lover. We had an exceptional start as a co-producer, as his very first movie “I Am” directed by Onir, is a national award winner.

      “I Am” was appreciated among intellectual class of viewers all over the globe wherever it appeared. Our next Project is Blue Mountains, a story of a singer’s struggle to fame. It is Our second venture as a producer under the banner of Krish Movies. Apart from Blue Mountains, Krish Movies has forayed into few other film projects and documentaries in the future.

Our focus is on winning audiences heart and mind through meaningful cinema.